AirPod hydroxy sessions

Remove muscle soreness, stress, injury & fatigue.

Our AirPod Hydroxy is at the forefront of wellness technology and is a first in Byron Bay! The benefits you may experience include:

May prevent life-style related diseases  

May assist people living with some chronic health conditions

anti-ageing benefits

Rapid inflammation reduction & pain relief

Reduce stress and promote relaxation

Enhance mind clarity, concentration & memory

Fast track muscle recovery

Increased libido

Improved sleep

The AirPod Hydroxy takes the benefits of oxygen therapy to a new level. Hydrogen is at the forefront of scientific research and provides an exciting new therapy for disease prevention and anti-aging.
With more oxygen and hydrogen delivered to your blood, brain and muscles you will feel rejuvenated and repaired.
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One 60 min. session = 1 litre Hydrogen rich water
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WHAT IS THE EXPERIENCE LIKE? The AirPod is a pleasant, non-claustrophobic experience. We have trained staff who will guide you through your session and answer any questions. We have a two way communication system available throughout the session.

How long are typical Oxygen Therapy sessions?
The recommended session length is 50 minutes. Please allow an extra 10 minutes for the pressure increase and decrease phase.

DO I NEED TO BRING ANYTHING ALONG WITH ME? No, just bring yourself in comfortable clothing so simply show up and relax.

Is it safe? Yes, AirPody Hydroxy is a safe and natural therapy.

NEED TO CANCEL A SESSION? We have a 5 hour cancellation policy. If you need to cancel or reschedule within 5 hours of your appointment, your booking will expire. Note: early cancelled sessions more than 5 hours before your appointment do not receive a refund but rather a credit on your account.